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This is how we started ...

one of our co-founders had his first açaí bowl on a Hawaiian beach. Fast forward a few years, he is meeting açaí berry farmers in Brazil and with his friends in Bangkok founding a company to import açaí berry puree back home, to Thailand :)

VITATRADE company was founded in 2016 by good friends and became the first importer of açaí berry puree to Thailand. Our açaí is wild grown, organic and hand picked, supporting local communities of Brazilian rainforest.

We started supplying açaí to some of the best cafes and restaurants around Bangkok and at 2017 opened the first MAKAI bar! Since then, we have been working hard on bringing MAKAI all around Bangkok, and adding new delicious menu options.

MAHALO and see you soon at MAKAI !
Marcus, Bang & MAKAI TEAM

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